Services ~ Advice & Guidance


Home Networks

We can assist you with....

  • Setup of home networks.
  • Troubleshooting network issues,
  • Installation of equipment to overcome blind spots etc

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We can provide and install all types of software and provide support for troubleshooting difficulties.

Also upgrades.


Printers / Scanners

We can supply and install all types of printers and scanners.

Or if you prefer to get your own we can offer advice and assist with setup.


Back Up & Restore

Don’t trust to luck!

We can help you set up a back-up plan and assist with restore of your system.

computer tablet phone

Laptops / Tablets

We can supply and assist with the setup of all laptops, tablets, phones.

We are also happy to provide advice and guidance.


Data Rescue

It is sometimes possible to recover lost data from accidental deletion, formatting or even a dead drive. Though there is no guarantee we will try to assist you with recovery.

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